Power-Win is a professional power supply manufacturer located in Taipei, Taiwan. Starting with PC power supplies business in 1989, Power-Win extends its product lines into AC / DC switching adapters, open frame power supplies, DC / DC ATX converters, and medical power supplies. With over 20 year experience in design, research, and manufacturing, Power-Win not only develops its own products to lead market trends and also works with customers for OEM / ODM projects. To meet latest energy saving demand and green power trend, we introduce more efficiency level V adapters and also open frame units to fulfill customer’s needs.

High Quality Switching Power Supply

Since 1989, POWER-WIN TECHNOLOGY CORP. has been a leading provider of personalized switching power supply direct to the consumer. Our work is dedicated to the creation of progress with inspiring, innovative solutions and to a trusting partnership towards our customers and partners with common benefits. With many years of experience, we have the core technical knowledge for switching power supply to satisfy our customers' demands.
Switching Power Supply (Open Frame Power Supply, 150W, Single Output)


Switching Power Supply (Open Frame Power Supply, 150W, Single Output)

Power-Win is one of the leading company in founded power industry with its high quality and competitive price. We provide Desktop Power Supply, Open Frame Power Supply, DC/DC converters and Medical Power Supply. Our goal is to provide customers products of high quality, competitive price, and superior services. Etc. PW-150B-1YZZZX (Open Frame Power Supply)

*High Power density, 150W in 2" x 4" footprint
*100% Burn-in and Hi-pot tested
*3 year warranty

Description :

*Open Frame type
Dimension : L101.6 × W50.8 × H29 mm ( 4" × 2" × 1.14" )
Weight : 0.206 kgs. (0.46 lbs.)

*U-channel type
Dimension : L104.6 × W57 × H35 mm ( 4.12" × 2.25" × 1.38" )
Weight : 0.275 kgs. (0.6 lbs.)

Specification :

Electrical specifications
  • Input range : 90 - 264VAC
  • Frequency : 47 - 63Hz
  • Power Factor : > 0.9 @115/230VAC @full load
  • Inrush current : Inrush current : < 40A peak @115VAC; < 80A peak @230VAC cold start @25°C
  • Input current (rms) : 2.5A @115VAC; 1.25A @230VAC max.
  • Efficiency : > 87% @average load, 115/230Vac
  • Maximum output power (Po) : 150 Watts forced air, 100 Watts convection cooling
  • Hold-up time : > 16ms typical @full load, 115VAC
  • Short circuit protection : Auto-recovery
  • Over load protection : 105% to 160% maximum rating, Auto-recovery
  • Over voltage protection : Auto-recovery
Safety standards
  • UL UL60950-1
  • UL UL62368-1
  • CSA CSA-C22.2 NO.60950-1
  • CSA CSA-C22.2 No.62368-1
  • Nemko EN60950-1
  • TUV EN62368-1
  • CB IEC60950-1
  • CB IEC62368-1
EMC standards
  • EN55032 Class B
  • CISPR22 Class B
  • FCC Part 15 Class B
  • EN 55024
  • CE
  • Operating temperature : 100 Watts convection cooling 0 to +60°C (Derate linearly 2.5% per °C from 41 to 60°C) 150 Watts forced air cooling 0 to +70°C (Derate linearly 2.5% per °C from 51 to 70°C)
  • Storage temperature: -10°C to +85°C
  • Humidity: Non-condensing 5% to 95%
  • MTBF : > 100,000 hours @full load and 25°C ambient temperature
    Matching connectors
    • CN1: Input Connector JST B3P-VH-B pitch: 7.92mm or equivalentmates mates with JST VHR-3N or equivalent
    • CN2: Output Connector JST B6P-VH-B pitch: 3.96mm or equivalent, mates with JST VHR-6N or equivalent
Model no. Output voltage Minimum load Maximum load with convection cooling Output watts O/P regulation Ripple & noise (Vp-p) Efficiency
Level @150W
Convection 12 CFM Forced Air
PW-150B-1Y120X +12V 0A 8.33A 12.5A 150W ±3% 150mV V
PW-150B-1Y150X +15V 0A 6.67A 10A 150W ±3% 150mV V
PW-150B-1Y190X +19V 0A 5.26A 7.89A 150W ±3% 190mV V
PW-150B-1Y240X +24V 0A 4.16A 6.25A 150W ±3% 240mv V
PW-150B-1Y280X +28V 0A 3.57A 5.35A 150W ±3% 300mV V
PW-150B-1Y480X +48V 0A 2.08A 3.12A 150W ±3% 300mV V

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POWER-WIN TECHNOLOGY CORP. starts to use automated production process in order to increase quality and competitive of switching power supply in recent years. POWER-WIN TECHNOLOGY CORP. strives to be the best switching power supply company in the world. We achieve this through technical innovation and automation backed by best in class global business practices. If you'd like to find out how switching power supply can help you, just drop me a line at: sales@power-win.com