Power-Win is a professional power supply manufacturer located in Taipei, Taiwan. Starting with PC power supplies business in 1989, Power-Win extends its product lines into AC / DC switching adapters, open frame power supplies, DC / DC ATX converters, and medical power supplies. With over 20 year experience in design, research, and manufacturing, Power-Win not only develops its own products to lead market trends and also works with customers for OEM / ODM projects. To meet latest energy saving demand and green power trend, we introduce more efficiency level V adapters and also open frame units to fulfill customer’s needs.

Industrial AC-DC Open Frame

POWER-WIN TECHNOLOGY CORP. provides a range of Industrial AC-DC Open Frame services for companies seeking to expand our business in Taiwan and abroad. Quality is the only business policy of our organization that segregated us from others. To assure this in each set of Industrial AC-DC Open Frame products, we follow a strict policy from sourcing raw material to the final stage of delivery. We operate worldwide, configure, service products, and also provide logistics support to deliver products and services competitively.
Power-Win is specialized in power supply more than 20 years.Our main products include Desktop Power Supply, Open Frame Power Supply, medical power supplies, DC/DC converter, AC / DC switching adapters and DC / DC ATX converters.We provide high quality products with good prices.

POWER-WIN TECHNOLOGY CORP. specializes in the purchase and sale of Industrial AC-DC Open Frame. We have a vast inventory of Industrial AC-DC Open Frame to better your current process, increasing efficiency while reducing raw materials waste and cost. You can also visit POWER-WIN TECHNOLOGY CORP.'s showroom where you can find excellent performance Industrial AC-DC Open Frame. Please contact our sales office in Taiwan to discuss the suitability of Industrial AC-DC Open Frame or email us for more information. If you have questions, comments, feedback, or ideas please let us know.