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We require that all suppliers provide RoHS components & tools. All such items are screened by our X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer to insure that there is no lead (Pb) or other forbidden RoHS elements present. After inspection, the components have a label affixed identifying them as RoHS compliant.

Primary Competitive Advantages
  • Strong in-house R & D group
  • Experienced, on-site Quality Assurance teams
  • Reliable product performance
  • Prompt inquiry responses
  • Rapid product development solutions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Dependable delivery schedules
  • Large selection of pre-engineered power supplies
  • Ability to modify standard designs to match unique customer requirements
  • Highly skilled production team
We conduct IQC for all materials & semiconductors, FQC after burn-in & hi-pot tests, and OQC before shipment. Additionally, all CEC & Energy Star compliant adapters must pass our Efficiency ATE prior to shipment to ensure efficiency level by OQC.
No. of Employees: 10 persons lead by university trained engineer
Location: On site in Taipei, Taiwan

Q.C. Equipment
  • NITON® XL3t 700 Series X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer
  • Chroma Power Efficiency Auto Testing Equipment
  • Chroma 6000 and Chroma 8200 Auto Testing Equipment
  • Chroma 61605 Programmable AC source
  • Chroma 62012P Programmable DC source
  • Chroma Digital Power meter
  • Hewlett-Packard LCR meter
Standards & Approvals
CEC, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9002, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 13485: 2003,

R & D
Once technical specifications are received, an R & D team develops the schematic, pcb layout, and pcb silk screen. After manufacturing the pcb, insert components, and performing testing at the requested environmental temperature, EMI testing and applications for safety agency approvals are completed.
No. of Employee: 15 experienced engineers
Location: On site in Taipei, Taiwan

R & D Equipment
  • SEAWARD EMI chamber for conduction
  • Programmable Ambient Temperature & Humidity chamber
  • 500MHz Digital Oscilloscope
  • YOKOGAWA MV200 Temperature recorder
  • Chroma 61605 Programmable AC source
  • Chroma 62012P Programmable DC source
  • Chroma Digital Power meter
  • Chroma LCR meter
  • Conduction Test Chamber
  • Power Efficiency Tester
  • Ambient Temperature Chamber