About Us

About Us

About Us

Power-Win, established in 1989, is a well founded power supply manufacturer located in Taipei, Taiwan. Having first started with the PC power supply business, Power-Win has extended its product lines to include AC / DC switching adapters , open frame power supplies, DC / DC ATX converters and medical power supplies. Backed by strong, in-house R & D capabilities, Power-Win not only leads market trends by developing its own product lines, but also works with customers on OEM / ODM projects. Currently we are developing and improving our products series to meet CEC / Energy Star requirements

品質至上(Quality First) 服務親切(Friendly service) 技術創新(Innovative technology) 和諧團結(Teamwork)

公司承諾:保護地球環境。 為了減低公司的活動、產品和服務所帶來的環境影響,我們要:
  • 遵守與環境因素有關的適用法律法規和其他要求的承諾。
  • 生產符合ROHS產品,減少污染和減少資源的損耗。
  • 鼓勵廠商保護環境。 承諾持續改進環境績效。

Environmental Policy:
Power-Win is committed to protect the global environment. In order to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, products, and services, we would like
  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulation
  • Manfacture RoHS compliant products to reduce the pollution and waste of resource.
  • Encouraging our suppliers to develop an awareness and commitment of global environmental
  • Committed to continuously improve our environmental performance
We will inform all employees and suppliers about this environmental policy and make it available to the public.


Founded: 1989
Annual Sales: USD $12,000,000
Capital: USD $5,000,000
Business Type: Manufacturer
Markets: World Wide
Primary Business: OEM/ODM Manufacturer
Brand logo:
Main Products: Industrial AC-DC Desktop Adaptor                  
Industrial AC-DC Open Frame   
Medical AC-DC Desktop Adaptor
Medical AC-DC Open Frame
DC/DC Converter                               
No. of Employees: 100
Location: Taiwan
Factory: Taipei, Taiwan